day 14. pretty sure i’ve made my body weight’s worth of snot.

i had the choice today of going snotty or being trippy with pseudofed. after yesterday’s wired experience, i chose to go without the pill today. i think i chose poorly.

so i guess i’m writing for the now and here’s my first article! i love writing and hope this will have the added benefit of learning more about this great sport of soccer!

i just waited 35 min to see a doctor for literaly less than 2 minutes and got charged $85.

french toast on homemade white bread. 🤤

i have piles of tissues in every room. my nose will not stop snotting.

spent my saturday building 4 new pc’s. went pretty smooth… just takes times.

love my reddit fam at /r/dallasstars, who refused to use any capital letters tonight as the faced the Washington Capitals. pulled out the win in OT! and i literally cried from pure emotional exhaustion.

big pharmaceutical company just bought 23 & Me. hope no one i know ever did that. cuz… there goes your genetic profile data.

how many federally employed families are going with out pay over this idiot’s fragile ego?

i need to know what “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” means please. twitter, please help.

i spend literally 1000s of dollars on products & how they nickel & dime me for cloud storage really pisses me off. i have been on 50GB for 99¢ for years but now i’m shooting 4k i need more space & upgraded to 200GB for $2.99. this should be included in device purchase.

great weekend visiting friends in Texas! cruising my subi, seeing a stars game, new years hanging. but… 2 nights on a couch then 1 night of only 4 hours before driving home led me sleeping a whopping 11 hours last night! wow!

Zumiez Sausage Taquito Bowl
What's your bowl name?

Last place you shopped + Last thing you ate + Bowl

Me: Costco Shrimp Cocktail Bowl

wonderful time with my /r/dallasstars fam at the game yesterday! just a great meetup! thrilled about the attendance! 😁 unfortunately my attendance curse kicked in 14 seconds into OT and we lost. 😖

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