i think it is time we give people a break from things they said decades ago when we were less socially educated.

i found @Target@twitter.com’s fancy new Drive Up service less than ideal. pretty certain i could’ve just gone and gotten the item off the shelf and gone through self-checkout in less time it took me to wait for guest services.

buddy gave me a front mount for a license plate and i just could not figure it out so i took it to Subaru of LR. they had 6 guys trying. they ended up giving and installing an official mount for free when they learned i’m a ! high class dealership!

stupid. archaic. and not one need for this to be legislated.
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Ohio House passes bill requiring students to learn cursive by the end of 5th grade. Do you think learning cursive is important?


dear texting lady on the elevator. if i ever again get on or off with you and you are holding the door either way so you can finish your text, i’ll punch you in the throat.

i am all about these electric scooters coming to LR. i mean, it’s going to be an unmitigated disaster or scooter litter and bodily injury. but i’m excited af!

this is life changing with my 8 block walk to work every day.
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E-scooters are headed to Little Rock, Lime to launch pilot program. When you can expect to see them: katv.com/news/local/e-scooters @KATVNews

does no one else see “tennessee” before “north texas”?
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hey @theredwatchlr@twitter.com i’m gonna need you to have a field day with this logo.
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apple just activated the ECG function on the watch! took a bit to settle in but my first recording worked! really remarkable technology!

i have two projects i want to do over the holiday while work slows to a crawl and no one is here. re-organize my icloud photo library and go through my huge movie soundtrack library to make a playlist of my favorite tracks.

heaven on a platter. love me some iriana’s pizza in downtown little rock!

see this is what frustrates me about people i know and love being “so thankful” that a “man of God” is in office, when he CLEARLY is no such thing. Christian and Republican is not the same thing, no matter if an issue or two aligns.

Trump critics call him out: Trump and first lady Melania Trump stood, but did not recite
the Apostles' Creed, which was written in the program, nor did they sing the hymns.  h…

they’ve really jumped the shark now.
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Words matter, and as our understanding of social justice evolves, our language evolves along with it. Here’s how to remove speciesism from your daily conversations.

does anyone remember how in Superman 4, he gathered up all the nuclear weapons in a giant space net and tossed it into the sun?

can we do the same thing with pennies?

Decided to start a replay of final fantasy 15. One of my all time faves!

say what you will about him as a person, this is a fantastic public service announcement.
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I’m taking a quick break from filming to tell you the best way to watch Mission: Impossible Fallout (or any movie you love) at home.

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