my first article in a series of player profiles is out! we start with defenseman extraordinaire and team captain Nick Doyle!

he asks, “is that one of them fast cars?” i said, “yessir, it sure is.” he goes, ”well isn’t that something, i’ve never seen one of those in person.” with a big ol’ grin, the light turned green, and i gave him a nice high rev salute. 😆 (2/2)

all that said, here’s a little wholesome epilogue that made me smile. when i was headed back to the office from lunch, i was at an intersection and a big ol’ Ford truck pulled up. this elderly man driving honks and motions for me to roll down my window. (1/2)

finally eat my cold tacos 30 min later. all that to say lead to this… (3/3)

get to office and start asking around for change. finally find a person who dumps out here piggy bank that ends up being 95% pennies. head back down. realize i never put my badge on. go back up and get badge. go down again and put change in parking meter. (2/3)

here’s just one of the disaster’s today. got back from a chiropractor appt and decided i would just park on the street by my office but i needed change. so i walked to my building, released i forgot my badge, walked back to car. (1/3)

if i don’t laugh about the unmitigated disaster today is, then i’d only be able to cry.

driving 5 hours in to be there! wouldn’t miss it with!!!!

friend convinced me to check out MLS last year so i watched an game on tv then shortly thereafter drove 5 hours to my first match where i got crazy with and haven’t stopped since!
What was the game that made you fall in love with football? I d@FCDallas@twitter.commber mine (it was gradual then all at once, to quote another LFC fan) but would…

well i WAS going to try Bite Squad for the first time but it literally would double the cost of the meal after all the add-on costs. nah.

great, great game. webslinging, combat, and that story. oof! all of it so well done. challenges gave me hell today but got em done and earned this beautiful platinum.
Marvel's Spider-Man
Be Greater (Platinum)!/tid=C

i thought she stalled so i gestured like it was fine but she kept going on so i rolled down my window. she started yelling i had just hit her. i said “WHAT? No I didn’t.” She kept insisting so I yelled back and pointed “i have a dash cam.” she jumps back in and drives off. (2/2)

so this really just happened. i’m back home now, but at an intersection a bit ago, the car ahead of me didn’t go on green. she turned on her hazards and jumped out and started saying something and gesturing. (1/2)

i’m trying to mash the crap out of a huge knot in my neck that is causing a 2 day tension headache and it just not the same when you try to do it yourself. :(

hey want to reconsider your knee jerk reaction to them?
.@li@FrankScottJr@twitter.comd by our regular Main Street Revitalization Task Force meeting to share tips and tricks on how folks can be safe and have fun while on their scooters 🛴

well how about that. they are trying to help educate and promote safety, unlike our illustrious mayor who made a snap judgment to kick them out only 3 weeks after they launched.
@limebike talking with the Main Street Task Force at @DowntownLR today and passing out helmets. please tell your director for the game that players shuffling around on the sideline are not more interesting than a developing scoring chance.

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