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hey and please take notes from these amazing experiences in photo
@CGerstle @TaylorTwellman And I disagree. We bring incendiary devices all the time without issue. That little girl is more passionate than any of us.

Lighten up and visit Detroit if you’re ever in town.

first road trip in the sooby! let’s gooooo!

i have some thoughts about the two years since. may take some time to write them up in the morning before heading to the parentals.

two years ago today i was admitted to the hospital.

wow this looks all sorts of amazing. the story and the technology. just bought my ticket.

heartbroken but also recognize the opportunity before us.
Academy director.
Winningest head coach in the modern era of FC Dallas.

Today, the team and Oscar Pareja have mutually agreed to part ways.


this is easily my favorite show of all time and yes i could access it any time with a streaming service, but for ten damn dollars, i will make it mine.
Staff pick: A classic sports drama we love, Friday Night Lights: The Complete Series Digital, is available on Apple for $10 (from $20)

come for the game updates, stay for the comedy.
Stars up 4-1 after 40. Islanders
did their best to limit the damage by taking a 4-minute minor

ok super weird but amazing and funny thing happened. i was at a shopping center this morning and when i got back to my car, this bag with stuff was hanging on my mirror!!!!!!!

I do kinda wish there was a acoustic vol 1 album version without the talking tags. (Crowd noise is okay.) These songs are so good i’d love to just have that focus.

this acoustic vol 1 album is about to give me an out of body experience. i’m to “washed by the water” and just can’t even. so 🔥🔥🔥.

it has become all K or HR polarized, losing out on all the fun “small ball” moments that keep the 3 hours exciting. not sure adding clocks or shortening breaks will address “pace”. (2/2)

Stark: Where does baseball go from here on pace of play?

for me it is not the 3 hr length but the amount of action in that time. i’ll hear more arguments for relief pitcher changes. but modern technology and analytics have changed the game. (1/2)

if retail store would’ve just answered a question i had about a workflow i have to see if it would work on iOS, i would’ve dropped $1200 for the new 13” ipad pro. instead, i was told i needed to come back and ask my question in a learning session. cc:

Come on you Spurs!

every decision is baffling. it’s like they think the alternative is making their target soccer moms uncomfortable! marketing. ticket handling. supporter suppression. fan events. it’s all terrible.

The Dallas Beer Guardians express their frustrations with the entire @FCDallas organization. Please read this letter and join us in asking FC Dallas to do better.…

another mass shooting by a white dude. but keep those damn refugees and immigrants out of our country! they are dangerous!

that’s it then. case closed. no need to further address another mass shooting.
.@POTUS & I have been briefed on the attack in Thousand Oaks, CA. Our hearts are with the victims, survivors, & their families. A heroic sheriff’s sergeant was killed. We commend the action of all first responders...

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