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ah so a deal may have been reached. remember, it’s not the Leviathan-sized Trump ego bruising concession you think it when it is a win for the American people.

emperor palpatine to enact emergency powers becoming the Empire to thunderous applause.
The White House says President Trump will make an announcement about the shutdown at 1:30 p.m. ET. Follow live updates:

hey, you might want to bone up on the differences between the press and a campaign.
SAND@SarahHuckabee@twitter.comjust like yours -- CNN -- spent significant time not only looking for information from WikiLeaks, but also reporting on it. Does that mean CNN is guilty of collusion?"

check it out! the Dallas Stars subreddit (that I help moderate) crossed 10,000 subscribers! love, Love, LOVE doing game days with these folks! (cc:

kinda insane this little bit of food costs $13 at panera. glad i had a gift card.

for those keeping up, it has been 20 days of non-stop snotting. then it turned bitter cold yesterday and everything stopped flowing. i never thought i’d like the cold.’s Goal Rush (on the $50 Gold subscription) is pathetic. thought it would show many matches. it stays on one match then shows a little box for all of 2-3 sec for another match’s goal. how is that different than just watching a match on NBC & getting game break updates?

dats my welcome crew!!
The! 🐍

Welcome to DFW, Zdeněk "The Cobra" Ondrášek!

day 14. pretty sure i’ve made my body weight’s worth of snot.

i had the choice today of going snotty or being trippy with pseudofed. after yesterday’s wired experience, i chose to go without the pill today. i think i chose poorly.

so i guess i’m writing for the now and here’s my first article! i love writing and hope this will have the added benefit of learning more about this great sport of soccer!

i just waited 35 min to see a doctor for literaly less than 2 minutes and got charged $85.

i have piles of tissues in every room. my nose will not stop snotting.

spent my saturday building 4 new pc’s. went pretty smooth… just takes times.

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